11AA and 11A Seeding has been completed

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QRF Seeding procedure

Since we are new to seeding 11AA and 11A this year a quick explanation of how it works in North Dakota.

Here is the process approved by the NDHSAA Board of Directors:

After final regular season games are done - the (Q)uality (R)esults (F)ormula calculates a QRF Value for every team
A "Tiebreaker Margin" of 10% of the Average QRF Value in a Class is created (11AA = 8.0, 11A = 5.6)
Starting with the Team with the highest QRF Value (slot 1), we compare to the Team with the next highest QRF value (slot 2).
If the team in slot 2 has either the same/better overall record OR is within the Tiebreaker Margin, they can challenge for the slot above them and switch spots with a Head to Head win.  If teams did not play or do not meet the requirements for a challenge, the Higher QRF Value wins.
After the winner of this challenge is determined teams will either stay in their slot or switch slots and we move on down the list and repeat the process until no more challenges are possible.

Using this procedure, it is possible for a team to move up multiple slots and earn a higher seed based on the Head to Head wins.

*The "Seeding" menu at the top refers to how Minnesota does it - please ignore as we work to get the programming for the North Dakota side better on our end.

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