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The Class B Girls field has been set - of the 8 teams that qualified, all of them are in the top 11 and 7 of them have the highest QRF in their Region. The combined record for the teams - 167-22.

Some quick specifics


QRF QRF Rank Team Region Record
122.8 1st Kenmare 8 24-0
111.4 2nd Central Cass 1 22-1
106.7 4th Grafton/St. Thomas 2 21-2
103.4 6th Carrington 3 19-5
102.1 7th Wilton/Wing 5 20-2
100.3 8th Glenburn 6 23-2
92.3 10th Langdon/Edmore/Munich 4 18-6
90.9 11th Hettinger/Scranton 7 20-4



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Last year we started creating a brand new everything - first by purchasing the database from the previous owners and then signing up with a Regionally-based company to build a state of the art site.  It was supposed to launch last fall, but had to be put on hold with everything that has happened.  We now need your help.

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Quality Results Formula

Unique to this site is a formula specifically designed to measure high school sports called the QRF.  We have been tracking the results at the Minnesota State Tournament since 2004, with the higher QRF team winning 70% of the games.


*Wrestling QRF is not considered as statistically accurate as the other sports because of the extreme variance in the number of duals wrestled.  The QRF can not take tournaments into account.

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Scores Reported Through
February 26, 2021
426 of 426 (100.0%)
1150 of 1150 (100.0%)
Boys Soccer
127 of 127 (100.0%)
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Scores Reported Through
February 26, 2021
Boys Basketball
1229 of 1243 (98.9%)
Girls Basketball
1289 of 1294 (99.6%)
Boys Hockey
196 of 197 (99.5%)
Girls Hockey
117 of 117 (100.0%)
448 of 448 (100.0%)
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Scores Reported Through
February 26, 2021
0 of 0 (0.0%)
0 of 0 (0.0%)
Girls Soccer
0 of 0 (0.0%)
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